Practice Areas - Miami Business Lawyer

Miami Business Lawyer is a good description for Armando Montesino because the services at Montesino Law are typical of what an entrepreneur or small business might need when starting or expanding a business in Miami

Entrepreneurs in need of a Miami Business Lawyer can come to us with a business idea and we can help give them an overview of the regulatory hurdles they might face.

We advise clients on the best type of business entity for their situation (Entity Selection) while taking into consideration issues such as corporate governance, taxation, and protection from liabilities. Additionally, we help them create the entities, apply for Taxpayer Identification Numbers, open bank accounts, and hire an accountant. Early in the process, we work with our clients to lay the groundwork for trademark protection of the brand that they will be establishing.

Once clients have an entity created, we help them in setting up a physical presence. This includes reviewing lease contracts, drafting employment agreements, and complying with local requirements such as zoning and business licenses.

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